End of life

The end of animal life is a hard subject to talk about.

If it is economically envisaged for the production animals, it still a complicated step when it concern a four-legged friend. In any case, the decision to ask for euthanasia must be reasoned and based on evidence.

The end of animal life is always unique. We would take care to the respect due to you animal and still at your disposal to answer your questions.



We are talking about dogs, cats and exotic pets: rodents, snakes and birds.

When your little friend die, two possibilities are available to you about the future of his body : the interment or the cremation.

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We are talking about horses, donkeys and their crosses.

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Your four-legged friend leave you. The emotion make very difficult to know which way to turn. We are at your disposal to talk about him and the handling of the deceased. You can also read the paragraph below about it.



We are at you disposal day an night if you consider that your equidae suffer to much and that his medical condition require an end-of-life decison. In the case we have to shorten the suffering, this is how we are going to do.

In order to facilitate the handling of the body, it is necessary to place the equidae in a place accessible to vehicules. The injection of an intramuscular sedative will calm your animal and relieve his pain. Few minutes after, an intravenous anaesthesic will render him unconscious. If your animal was in a standing position, he will lie down. We will assist him to make it easier. Once deeply asleep, when the conscience is gone under the influence of the anaestesic, a last intravenous injection wil stop his respiration and the heart. This is only after the cardiac arrest that the death of your friend can be pronounced.


Handling of the body

The equidae are big animals who can not be bury for health-related resons. Rendering operations or incineration are the only possibilities. Since 2000, your equidae must be identified by a transponder. The number od the electronic chip of your equidae is necessary for the handling.

  • The equidae referenced as property of a breeder are considered as production animal after a call to the standart.
  • For the others, "les Haras Nationaux" putted in place regional agreements in order to propose annual negociated prices to the people. This process is detailled below: